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10 Actual Reasons To Stay At Vancouver’s Shangri-La Hotel

1. It’s the tallest building in Western Canada. If you’re an “OMG facts” person this will thrill you. The hotel floors only go to the high teens, but still. Cool fact.
2. Market by Jean Georges is the restaurant. We don’t have to elaborate on this but we will. It’s like someone took the best of every Jean Georges restaurant and put it on one menu. There’s the rice cracker-crusted tuna with citrus – sriracha emulsion, which is probably the best thing we’ve ever eaten bar nothing. In fact there’s hella seafood, well it is Vancouver, and from the Steelhead sashimi over crispy rice with chipotle emulsion to the Dungeness crab and asparagus salad with avocado and tarragon vinaigrette, everything was perfection. And you can’t go to a Jean Georges establishment without doing a dessert, so naturally we tried, um, five. Don’t judge. The best? A chocolate peanut butter bar with salted caramel ice cream. We can die now, thanks.
3. Free internet. All hotels, please follow suit with this one.
4. TV in the bathroom. The best.
5. A real clock next to the bed, as in an analogue clock. With hands. Classy.
6. An iPad dock that plays through the TV. With a separate speaker for bass! It was a like a club all up in our room when we were getting ready for dinner. So fun!
7. Nespresso machine in every room. True nes-cessity!
8. Toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom. It’s the little things.
9. Chi Spa on the third floor. We’ll tell you about that tomorrow.
10. Cathay Pacific flies to Vancouver from New York. It’s a stop en route to Hong Kong so you get true long-haul international service, despite it being on the same continent. The premium economy situation is perf. You get like filet mignon and champagne, a ton of awesome entertainment and a little freshen-up pouch. Like how flying used to be, you know way back when we took things like free sleep masks and socks for granted? Now we’re all like “OMG! There’s hand lotion in the bathroom!”

1128 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC V6E 0A8, Canada tel 604- 689-1120 Shangri-la.com

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