February 13, 2012 // Style

A Lighter Scent Such As Burberry Body Mist Is Always Welcome In Manhattan

When it comes to fragrance, you don’t want something so strong that the person next to you on the subway in rush hour is retching, which is why a lighter scent is always welcome in highly populated areas such as Manhattan. Burberry Body Mist is a lighter version of their Body Eau De Parfum and is intended to delicately scent the skin and hair. That way, if someone is all up in your biz at 8am on a weekday, you don’t run the risk of knocking them out with an overpowering perfume. No matter how gorgeous the scent, too much is just well, too much. We’d actually like it if all perfumes came in a lighter version, but for now we’re just grateful to have this. Thanks Burbs.

$50 at Burberry.com

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