April 11, 2013

A Love Note To Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake Truffles

The thing about Momofuku Milk Bar is that you assume because it’s so insanely delicious and there are so many locations now that everyone surely has been there and tried the goods, right? Um, sadly not. There are people in New York who have heard about how good it is, but somehow have never made it there. Maybe they’re not “dessert people,” maybe they’re allergic to everything, who knows? But all we know is if you haven’t been to Momofuku Milk Bar, you need to go. Today. Let us begin with the infamous Birthday Cake Truffles: pretty, bite-size balls of cake dough dotted throughout with rainbow sprinkles. The recipe is a carefully guarded secret at Momofuku – they even left it out of their cookbook – but you can find some good attempts online. Our runner-up is mos def the blueberry and cream cookie. Chunks of milk crumbs and berries in a gooey golden cookie, the creamy-crunchiness will annihilate every cookie you’ve ever had in your life. Ever. You could grab some coffee to go with your sweets but why would you do that when there’s ready-made cereal milk? That’s right, milk that tastes like you’ve just eaten your cornflakes and are tipping the bowl to your face to drink the remainder of the milk that has been sweetened by the cereal. It’s kind of mind-blowing that someone even thought of this as a thing, isn’t it? If you’re just visiting NYC, they have tins you can fill with cookies and truffles and take back home, or even mixes to make yourself. And if you live in NYC and you’re our friend, we will like you even more if you bring these along next time we see you.

From $1.85. Visit Milkbarstore.com for locations and online ordering information

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