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Actual Perfection: Bionda Castana Silver Laser Cut Platform Sandals

Bionda Fashion // Shoes 

You may be a fan of Bionda Castana already, perusing each new season’s styles with uncontrollable lust, but unless you’ve worn a pair, you have no idea the level of comfort you will experience.

‘We don’t wear heels very often’, we told co-founder Natalia Barbieri at a recent dinner at Gemma to celebrate Bionda Castana’s new London store, but if there’s any heel we wear, it’s hers. Why? You can walk in them, for start. You can also stand in them all night. With some practice, you could probably even run in them.

It’s not just about the comfort though. Bionda Castana shoes are also effing gorge and these laser cut silver platform sandals are the stuff of gods. We live for a 70s-style platform shoe and these give us that with a touch of space age. Ugh, these are just so perfect we cannot deal!

$818 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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