April 12, 2013 // Style

After A Lengthy Hunt, We Found These Adorable Babydoll Pajamas At The Vermont Country Store

It started with Mad Men. Betty was wearing all sorts of wonderfully glamorous sleepwear and we looked at our own pajamas and thought to ourselves these are not very glamorous. Not that we are glamorous generally, but there comes a time when one needs to stop wearing hospital scrubs to bed. We trolled the internet looking for something similar but everything was either too sexy or too second-hand for our liking and after much searching we eventually found these adorable babydoll pajama sets. At the Vermont Country Store! This type of random find is exactly the kind of thing we love to share with you, because we know you’re probably not a frequent Vermont Country Store shopper, yet will appreciate a pure gold discovery such as this. We also love that the store reviews are all by seniors and a man called Kevin from Atlanta, GA who says they “really bring out his feminine side”.

$42.95 at Vermontcountrystore.com

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