December 11, 2013 // Design

All We Want For Christmas Is: Tom Slaughter’s Ice-Cream Sandwich Print

We live for an ice-cream sandwich. Our ice-cream sandwich phone case gets compliments daily, and this bench by Jellio is maybe one of the best things ever created. Yesterday, we were alerted to the availability of a limited edition signed print of an ice-cream sandwich illustration by Tom Slaughter. A renowned illustrator, Slaughter has also applied his work to skateboards, beach towels and wallpaper, including a sick water tower-themed wall covering.

We love the muted tones of this ice cream sandwich print and are immediately adding it to our Christmas list. The only issue we face is staring at ice-cream all day. Hanging this in our place is like putting a picture of a bottle of vodka in the home of a recovering alcoholic. Except we’ve never checked into ice-cream sandwich rehab, and unless someone stages an intervention, we probably never will.

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