February 14, 2012

Art Deco In Aix-en-Provence Is An Affordable Antique-Meets-Flea Heaven

A touch of French style is always chic in an apartment. You only have to look around any homewares store at the moment to see a myriad of French-inspired objects, many going as far as using the French word for whatever it is. You know, the milk jug will say “lait” or whatever. Unless you bought it in France though — we are not feeling that faux-ness.

If you do find yourself in France, Provence to be exact, you must head to Aix just to go to Art-Deco in the town center. It’s not intimidating antique-y, it’s more antiques mixed in with vintage finds and a touch of thrift.

Walking down a ramp (this place was once a parking garage it seems), you are met with glass cases stuffed with antique French toys, costume jewelry, military buttons, boites, ornaments, cigarette cases… everything you imagine to be vintage French is here.

The furniture is so well priced it would almost be worth it to ship back to New York. Think 19th century beds for 75 Euro, an antique secretary for 150 Euro… it goes on.

Definitely worth a trip.

Art-Deco, Avenue des Belges (in front of La Rotonde)

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