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Attn: Record Collectors! You Will Want To Know About Atocha Furniture For Storing Your Precious Vinyl

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Some people like to collect vinyl. We hear it’s a “thing.” Ummm, yes we’re being facetious you guuuuuys. We like that whole “on display” thing for records sometimes but sometimes a) that can get out of control and b) you might actually be a collector with minimalist attitude, in which case these gorgeous cabinets could be the work of the gods. The mid-century vibe comes in several different configurations so you can choose to incorporate CD drawers also, or indeed just CD drawers. There are also a few different wood options from maple, walnut, oak and cherry wood, all American. If you fancy a more exotic wood they can source it for you and build it to your requirements. We just love that. It’s like custom upholstery for your records. Each drawer fits 95 records, and 75 CDs, depending on how tightly you pack that stuff in. A four-LP-drawer cabinet starts at $3,900.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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