February 21, 2013 // Style

Baller Basic: The LNA Zip Seam Sweater

Something happened this winter in that we started to crave sweaters. Cashmere, cotton, sweatshirt, wool… it never stopped. It became an addiction we couldn’t satisfy and after quite a few new additions to our sweater drawer, we are still not done. One of the best we’ve found is this zip seam sweater from LNA. It’s exactly as described: a decorative half-zip runs along the shoulder seams to underarm, plus there’s a small zip detail at the neckline triangle. Fabric-wise it’s a super-duper soft and cozy sweatshirt-ish material, but thin and fine for a slightly more elegant look than your average sweats. The word average has no place here.

$161 at LNAclothing.com

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