August 6, 2014 // Design

Baron Von Fancy’s This Ain’t My First Time At The Rodeo Is Now At Poster Child Prints

Poster Child Prints is awesome, you guys. They always have the sickest limited edition artwork from our favorite NY art buddies like Deer Dana and Curtis Kulig and this new print from Baron Von Fancy is one we can fully picture in our living room.

His trademark font and tongue-in-cheek text is now instantly recognizable and has been featured on everything from his own sock line to cigarette lighters and even a collaboration with Reformation.

Each of the 100 This Ain’t My First Time At The Rodeo prints is signed by BVF and comes with a certificate of authenticity. And if you’re not immediately in love with this, just look at how amazing it can make your space look.

And the sentiment? Well, it’s good to let the universe know you ain’t no fool.

$100 at

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