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Beyond Brilliant: Deer Dana’s Unfussy, Witty, Line-drawn Illustrated Tees And Totes

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Let’s not overcomplicate things, people. We like to apply the keep-it-simple rule to most things in life — home décor, relationships and, of course, personal style. Deer Dana designers Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel must have special mind-reading powers because their unfussy, witty, line-drawn illustrated wares are exactly what we (and most of our friends) crave in this world of Way. Too. Much. Mostly black on white, the T-shirts and tote bags feature the likenesses of those we love and admire including Dolly Parton, Maya Angelou and Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as Steve Jobs, Martin Scorsese and Pablo Picasso, which happens to have a blue Gaultier-esque stripe we’re dying over. There’s even a Bill Cunningham tee, which we’re curious to know if he’s seen, and if not, would he snap us in it if he saw it? This line is just beyond brilliant.

Totes $45, Tees $60 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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