May 14, 2012

Big City Little Sweets Designs Delicious Desserts For The Fashion World

It was at this Christian Louboutin party at Bergdorf’s where we first happened upon Big City Little Sweets. While Monsieur Louboutin posed for pics with New York’s most fashionable, we spotted these cake pops. Not just any old cake pops, these were sparkling red and gold, with spikes and glitter. How could something that looked this good possibly taste good too? Well, Big City Little Sweets managed it. They were so delicious we forced Billy Farrell to take our pic with a “bouquet of cake pops,” then stuffed a few in our handbag for later. We probably did more than a few Tweets (this was pre-Instagram obsession) and then inhaled the ones from our handbag in the cab. Normal. Fast forward to The Byrne Notice launch event and we enlisted Julie of Big City Little Sweets to create gorgeous custom desserts for us. Could we have little carrot cake cake balls with white chocolate frosting please? Sure. Could we have mini chocolate chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel oozing out of the middle and decorated with a typewriter with our logo on it? Sure. That much detail? YES. And then we did some white chocolate cake pops with our logo that were also super chic and delicious, and if the truth be told, were a major talking point among party guests the next day. Here’s the thing — you can have desserts made for your parties too! Julie just launched her new website, where you can salivate over all the desserts and work out what you’d like. Be warned though, it’s torture if you’re preparing to wear a bikini.

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