September 13, 2012

Blue Apron Delivers In Exact Proportions All The Ingredients And Recipes You Need To Cook At Home

Here’s the thing: you want to cook at home, you really do, but unless you cook all the time, you usually end up wasting a ton of ingredients. You’re all like, “Well, I’m glad I bought that whole thing of tomato paste that I will never use again.” This is why we are loving Blue Apron, a brand-new service created for people who want to cook at home, don’t have time to shop and really don’t like to waste unused ingredients. Co-created by Plank Pilates studio founder Matt Wadiak, Blue Apron is a weekly subscription service that delivers everything you need to cook meals at home. They shop for you (at wholesale prices) and deliver everything — including recipe cards — in the exact proportions to your home. Each meal is designed by Wadiak and focuses on sustainable ingredients — from the same places that supply ingredients to many of the city’s best restaurants. And check this out: since it’s brand new, you get 50 per cent off your first order when you sign up.

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