April 1, 2014 // Style

Bridal For Babes Is Reformation’s Sick New Wedding Collection

For so long, women who wanted a low-key, simple wedding dress had to search vintage stores high and low to find something that was just wedding-y enough but not full Vera Wang. Then in the past few years, more options became available for those that didn’t want a traditional gown, or traditional wedding dress prices.

Reformation has got right on that, Rose. The perennially cool New York/LA hipster destination has unveiled (ahem) a new line of bridal wear, meant for the woman who doesn’t want to look like a cream puff, and doesn’t want her wedding party ladies to look like human-sized Edible Arrangements either.

The slogan Friends Don’t Make Friends Wear Bad Dresses defines the Bridal for Babes collection, which is giving us major summer wedding in the woods upstate, when your entire wedding is 50 people and you all stay at the cabins at Kate’s Lazy Meadow and keep it super low key, while of course drinking the best champagne and eating the most amazing farm-to-table food, but it’s all so very tasteful and effortless.

Bridal For Babes: soon to appear at cool weddings all over the world. Check out the look book below:

From $198 at Thereformation.com

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