January 2, 2014 // Style

Brit Stitch’s Half-Pint Is A Perfectly Modern Take On The Classic Leather Satchel

We are currently loving hard on new satchel brand Brit Stitch. You can check out all styles on the website, but let us tell you, this brand’s take on the classic satchel can only fully be appreciated in the flesh. We got our hands on a half-pint blue satchel, and the modern, shiny hardware is equal parts substantial and sleek, while its curved shape give it something more than your typical satchel. It’s simple single buckle is actually just for show — there’s a time-saving magnetic snap button closure beneath And don’t worry about it flying open, this is the strongest magnetic closure we’ve ever encountered on a bag, and believe us when we say we have tested this little bag’s capacity to its very limit! There’s an inner pocket for cards, cash, whatever. A perfect little pouch, really.

$115 at Brit-Stitch.com

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