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British Designer Claire Barrow’s Punk DIY Line Is Mind-Blowingly Excellent

ClaireBarrow Designers // Fashion 

Her hand-painted unisex biker jackets bear homage to artists including Francis Bacon and Marcel Duchamp, and yes they are beyond lust-worthy. But it was linen and silk skirts and shirts with printed illustrations that brought this Brit designer to our attention. Take her linen pencil skirt ($496) — a perfectly ladylike silhouette juxtaposed with higgledy-piggledy scribbled illustrations, and an oversized silk T-shirt dress ($636) modeled in her online store by a man. Barrow’s intention is to offer people a piece of wearable art to treasure as they would a piece they can hang in their homes. Some are really just for display though, such as this biker jacket made of printer paper and illustrated with ink, which is currently available at her online store. Here’s the thing: it’s lined with quilted cotton, has functioning zips and buckles. So, we wonder if maybe we couldn’t just wear it one time before hanging it?

DILLIGAF NYC biker jacket, around $3,878 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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