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Brvtvs Jewelry Is The Missing Link Between Rocker Chic and Space Odyssey

brvtvs Accessories // Fashion 

If there’s one thing we can’t resist it’s a stacked bangle, so when we discovered the series of layerable chain rings and bracelets that make up the Brvtvs jewelry line, we knew they were on to something. Brvtvs (pronounced Brutus) and named after that Brutus, the one who stabbed Julius Caesar in the back, is an eclectic mix of rocker chic and Space Odyssey with a little bit of androgyny thrown in for good measure. Love some androgyny. Keeping with the Roman theme, the jewelry is named after ancient emperors and their leading ladies, like Constantine and Julia, although the spiked earrings, drop chain necklaces and curved bar bracelets give us more outer space and “Take me to your leader!” than ancient Roman empire. Each 14K gold handmade pieces is carefully crafted by Caroline Ventura in her New York studio. Time to get stacking!

-- Angela Thomas

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