June 12, 2015 // Style

Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It Keeps Air-Dried Hair Amazingly Soft And Defined

Blow-drying one’s hair is basically just boring. Every day, the same thing. Bo-ring. The alternatives are a) not washing your hair or b) air-drying, but unless you have the type of hair that falls into beachy waves naturally, air-drying is not an option. Bumble & Bumble has now made it an option. A dab of Don’t Blow It means your hair stays soft and frizz-free without a hair dryer. It’s beyond perfect for summer mornings when you want to just wash and go. We weren’t expecting much from this, as historically this type of thing never works for us, but holy cannoli it’s amazing. We can’t say enough good things about this. No more boring blowouts, at least for the summer months anyway!

$30 at Bumbleandbumble.com

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