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Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Products Actually Make Your Hair 46% Stronger In Four Weeks

BumbleFP Beauty // Hair 

Hair breakage is pretty traumatizing. One minute you’re enjoying a mane of healthy hair and the next you’re looking at broken, pathetic thin hair, and all because you’ve been less than kind with the straightening iron or general hair drying heat. We don’t know how they did it, but Bumble & Bumble has created a new line that not only makes your hair fuller but also saves it from breakage over time. The formula acts like a ‘liquid bandage’ so your ‘do won’t break as much when styling, and that is music to our bleached head ears. And the fullness claims? Actually warranted! We used the conditioner with our reg shampoo and came out with a kind of beachy fullness without the crispiness, which is kind of amaze. And the scent is unbelievable! People literally ask you what that smell is, and you’re like it’s my hair!

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-- Fiona Byrne

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