January 28, 2016 // Style

Butter Elixir Face Oil Will Obliterate Those Gross Winter Dry Patches

If you’re not using face oil yet, then you really should get on that train, particularly as it’s the dead of winter. Face oil is more than just slathering a bunch of coconut oil all over and calling it a day. You need an oil that absorbs completely, otherwise you end up with a greasy feeling (and a really grimy pillowcase). We’d already heard the rave reviews about BUTTERelixir face oil before trying it, and were very excited to see how it would deal with our scaly winter patches. Well, it dealt with them. One hundred percent.

The creators combined Rose Hip, Argan and Apricot Kerney Oil for a light and easily absorbed moisturizer. One area of concern was some dryness on the eyelids, which frankly nothing has been able to combat, but this did.

In addition to dealing with those scaly bits, it left an overall glowy, plumped-looking, healthy skin vibe with a silky feeling too. You need this.

$48 at Butterelixir

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