November 19, 2014 // Style

Caeden Luxury Headphones Are Designed With New York City In Mind

We’re no stranger to a luxury headphone moment around these parts. Give us a bit of leather, rose gold and general fanciness and we’re anyone’s. Last night, chic New York-based wearable tech brand Caeden launched at a gallery space on Mulberry street, and as ‘fashion headphones’ go, these are pretty rad.

Designed right here in the NYC, the inspo is the clean lines and architecture of the city, with smooth shapes, classic neutral tones and faceted precious metals. The enclosed on-ears style Linea No 1 will double as an ear muff, although the Linea No 2 in-ear style is good for when you want to wear a giant Cossack hat or some such in deepest winter. Can you imagine trying to get the over-head ones over a big-ass fur hat? Yeah, buds it is. Someone for sure would love these as a holiday gift, so make a note immediately. #fancy

From $79.99 at

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