November 13, 2013 // Style

Coconut Oil Is The Amazing $6 Solution To Your Winter Hair Woes

Coconuts are the best, you guys. As longtime fans of coconut milk, coconut water and, uh, macaroons, we are currently feeling the benefits of coconut oil. For the hair. Apparently the benefits of this amazing oil have been known to dry-hair sufferers for some time, but we were just recently advised by the amazing hair stylist Gareth Bromell to incorporate it into our routine in order to give some moisture back to our bleached, broken ‘do. See also: central heating in winter. The oil is hydrophobic, which means it repels water, and when used pre-shampoo, helps prevent water from penetrating the hair. The reason you don’t want water to penetrate the hair is that it causes the hair shaft to rise, which weakens the hair, and if you’re desperately trying to avoid broken hair, this is bad news. So, you use this as a pre-wash treatment. Just comb through and leave for 20 minutes, then shampoo twice. The hair will actually absorb some of the oil when you shampoo (when the shaft rises) and thus post-wash, will help to stop the hair from frizzing up. The result is super-soft, smooth hair. You will find coconut oil in the food aisle, and you know what that means? Cheap. As in, $5.99. Make sure you get the unrefined stuff. P.S. it’s a great dry skin moisturizer, too.

$5.99 at Trader Joe’s or at your local food aisle

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