March 30, 2015 // Style

Cold Hat Weather Is On Its Way Out So Bumble & Bumble Spring Summer Surf Hair Is On The Way In

Hair volume and hats are a little like oil and water, there’s not really any way to mix the two. In winter though, you don’t have a choice. You must wear a hat. Now spring is coming in hard and fast (lol, we know, not fast enough) so wooly hat head will be soon be a thing you don’t have to think about for a while. Bumble & Bumble’s long been known for its famous Surf Spray—one spritz gives amazing day-at-the-beach hair—but did you know now there’s a whole Surf collection? Foam Wash shampoo gives soft, seabreezy texture, as if you’ve just spent the afternoon at Ditch Plains in Montauk and yes, it actually does give that exact texture. Creme Rinse conditioner compliments the shampoo perfectly, and there’s Surf Infusion spray which is kind of like Surf Spray, but mixes salt with tropical oils, so you get texture with a soft sheen. Now that is some hair genius! Not long now ’till you have actual beach hair, but in the meantime, Bumble has your back.

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