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Confide In Ryan Gosling Every Night Via This Hey Girl Journal Bearing His Image

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You know all those fantasy conversations you have with Ryan Gosling in your head? Well, now you can confide in him every night via a journal bearing his image. Gosling’s famous “Hey Girl” meme is apparently not even based on fact; the actor recently told the AP he’s never uttered those words, but we are not letting that stop the fantasy. The journal’s lined pages have occasional “quotes” from Gosling, such as “Hey girl, who cares what they think? Just be yourself,” and “Hey girl, tell me everything about your day.” It’s nice to imagine Ryan really cares, right? As long as you know it’s like, a joke, and remember not to get obsessed. You don’t really know him, OK? Plus, he has a girlfriend.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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