December 4, 2012

Dana’s Bakery Does Delectable Macarons American Style

We don’t claim to know a lot about many things but when it comes to macarons, we are experts. And ice cream; we’re pretty good at working out what makes a great ice cream. Anyhoo, the New York City macaron trend is still going strong since it took off a few years back, and no bakery is killing it quite like Dana’s Bakery. Founder Dana Loia got the macaron thing down, yo. At the Citizens of Humanity press preview a while back we tried the champagne flavor. The shell doesn’t actually taste like champagne, it just has that color with a glamorous gold dusting, but the filling… holy shit the filling. They infuse buttercream with champagne and it’s divine. Di-vine. The whole M.O. of Dana’s Bakery is to create macarons with an American twist so there’s red velvet, peanut butter and jelly, s’mores, thin mint and even cookie dough. We know what you’re thinking, are they any good though? Yes, they are perfection. You will literally freak out. There’s a macaron of the month club that you can subscribe to, too. A three-month subscription costs $90 and you receive a box of macarons on the first day of every month. We speak for everyone when we say this would make an excellent gift.

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