April 30, 2019 // Design

Doing This One Thing Makes Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel Room

Why are hotel rooms so relaxing? Is it the giant tub and free body lotion? The selection of artisanal snacks sitting in a basket next to the mini-bar? Or is it that you’re escaping everyday life by simply being there?

Probably a bit of everything TBH. But the amazing bed is probably the single most hotel-ish thing about a hotel. An amazing mattress, the freshest of white sheets. We repeat: white sheets.

An all-white bed is probably the single most effective way to give your own bedroom a hotel room feeling. No matter what your design style, you can switch out all that busy patterned bedding and your million throw pillows and just put on a brand new fresh set of white sheets and duvet cover.

It was said somewhere that you sleep better in all-white sheets too. Not sure about the scientific validity of that, but it would make sense that a calming clean white cloud could help relax your mind.

I’ve had Brooklinen bedding for several years now and each set keeps its whiteness for ages, particularly the Luxe style – a kind of sateen feeling. Also, the pillowcases have an envelope tuck so they look nice and neat on the bed – so important!

Get this exact set here and use promo code Fiona20 for 20% off and free shipping.

Photo: Genevieve Garruppo

In partnership with Brooklinen

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