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Dr. Jart BB Cream Is A Tinted Moisturizer Plus A Whole Lot More

Dr.Jart Beauty // Makeup 

Never has the expression less is more being more apt than when discussing foundation. While the dream is to have skin so flawless you don’t need any coverage, well, it’s just a dream. Now of course we don’t just want great coverage, we want it to work all sorts of magic while covering. Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm not only acts as a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone with the slightest touch of color, it contains brightening properties that will even out your actual skin, reducing dark spots and redness. And it contains SPF45, which we are definitely not mad at. Although it’s suggested use is as a base for foundation, we find it works perfectly great on its own. Like we said: less is more.

$39 at Sephora

-- Fiona Byrne


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