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Dr. Jart Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask Is Excellent For Replenishing Your Skin’s Water Supply As You Sleep

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As recent converts to Dr. Jart, we were more than happy to discover there’s much more to this brand than just our favroite BB Cream. There’s no better time to discover the rest of the line than during the height of winter i.e. now. Take the Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask. You apply after your regular serum and moisturizer and it delivers moisture into your skin all night long via hyaluronic acid macromolecule, which helps replenish your skin’s nighttime water supply. There’s olive leaf and cranberry too, which boost elasticity. Does it work? Sho’ does, shawty. You awaken smooth and refreshed and with a deliciously even skin tone. More moisture means less lines, so it takes a few years off you, too. Not mad.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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