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Dwell Studio’s First Retail Space Is Even Better Than One Would Have Hoped

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We’re expert-level online shoppers and have been since before secure servers were even a twinkle in the internet’s eye. We would prefer to order a new French press online than get on the subway, go to 19th Street, get in line at Bed Bath & Beyond, spend an extra hour wondering if we need weird room fragrance sachets and essentially waste a whole afternoon when we could have purchased it in two seconds on Amazon.

But people, there comes a time when online shopping doesn’t cut it. If we’d shopped online instead of visiting the new Dwell Studio flagship store for example, we wouldn’t have heard the jazz music, caressed fabrics, gotten a treat for our Pomeranian pal Prince and found out the sales assistant is of Irish heritage (then again who isn’t, right?). The Wooster Street location does mid-century in a Soho loft to a T — tin ceilings, brick walls, all arranged in such a residence-type way that you do feel at home enough to read one of the Penguin cloth-bound classics while reclining on a vintage-inspired leather chair. It’s been open just over a week, and it’s going very well, by all accounts. You should go.

Dwell Studio, 77 Wooster St., NY 10012 Tel 646-442-6000

-- Fiona Byrne

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