September 19, 2013

eBay Now Delivers Items To You Within An Hour; Changes Lives

We remember when next-day delivery was an impressive thing. However, now we are spoiled. We want everything in an instant – well, everything but our coffee. That we want freshly brewed, but ready to go at all times, natch. And food deliveries, they need to come fast, too. Anyway, eBay has been modifying and fine-tuning its services to rival major online retailers of late, and its auction listings currently let you know estimated arrival dates and so on, something they did not do way back when. eBay Now, however, has taken it to a whole new level. Yesterday for example, we discovered we’d run out of printer ink and had no time to run out to buy some. We searched on eBay Now, they offered the best price options available to us, we made our selection (Staples!) and placed the order. Delivery is $5, that’s basically what it would take to get there and back on subway. The ink was delivered in exactly 61 minutes. Once we the order was placed we opted to receive text updates and Jose, the concierge, let us know when he’d located the item and when he was en route. It was literally amazing. You have to try it.

Currently available in New York City, San Francisco and San Jose

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