March 5, 2012 // Design

Edwina Sandys’ Sense Of Humor Is Evident In Her Retrospective Art

We very much enjoy artists with a sense of humor. Any kind of wit in your art, and we will love it. Probably. In her sculptures and paintings, Edwina Sandys’ sense of humor is evident, and even more so when you see them side-by-side in the retrospective volume Art. The granddaughter of Winston Churchill began her political and social commentary in the 70s, and is best known for her use of positive and negative images. Her sculptures are installed at UN centers in New York, Geneva and Vienna, and “Breakthrough,” which uses dismantled sections of the Berlin Wall is, now permanently sited at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, where Winston Churchill gave his historic “Iron Curtain” speech. Click through gallery below for a preview.
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Art, $75, is published by Glitterati

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