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El Rey Is The Most Awesome Coffee Shop On The Lower East Side

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What’s weird about the Lower East Side is that there aren’t really that many chill coffee shop you can go to. They exist, but are few and far between, and most of them you don’t really want to hang out at. Now there’s one that’s actually awesome. El Rey opened on Stanton Street late last year and has managed to achieve that difficult coffee shop-to-bar transition thing. It starts out as a great café in the morning and after dark you can get a beer, and it feels just as right as earlier in the day. How did they do that though? The décor, for one. The tables are tall, so conducive to nighttime bar seating, yet the whitewash walls and white wood ceiling with open windows give it a very daytime feeling. There’s also a neon sign that transitions very well from day to evening. Love a bit of neon. It’s not just the vibe that works. The food, from salads to pastries, is well above average for a mere coffee shop. It makes sense when you realize that the owner Nicholas Morgenstern is a former pastry chef. We had this buckwheat oatmeal sandy that isn’t unlike a delicious shortbread in taste and texture. There’s an outside bench for spring day chilling, as we did with our neighborhood homie, the milliner Gigi Burriss. Definitely our new hang, so expect a lot of Instagrams.

100 Stanton Street, New York NY 10002

-- Fiona Byrne

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