April 25, 2017 // Style

Eres Swimwear Makes You Look Summer Ready, Even If You’re Not Really Ready At All

We get into such a tizzy about summer bods; I want to lose 20lbs by Memorial Day (said on May 15th), What’s that laser thing the Kardashians do? (said every Sunday night in the group chat), I’m not eating this week (also every Sunday night in the group chat).

In the same way a really well-made coat flatters like nobody’s business, so does a really well-made bikini. How can such a small area of fabric give you better body though? In lift, cut and fabric, basically.

Eres is no bargain basement bikini, but it is worth every single dollar you invest. The briefs are cut in such a way that they give you that peach-emoji butt, even if you haven’t done a single squat this year. The tops, even ones without underwire, keep everything in place and lifted. The fabric is super strong and supportive so there’s no sagging. Anywhere.

When you combine all three, you notice your thighs look thinner, your stomach flatter and your boobs higher. And can you really put a price on that? No. You cannot. So, next time you’re about to drop your cash on a bunch of cheap bikinis, save yourself the emotional trauma and just go right to Eres. It will make you feel so much better about yourself (said to ourselves as we hit ‘place order’).

From $125 at Netaporter.com

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