March 31, 2014 // Style

Être Cécile Created Slogan T-Shirts You Will Actually Want To Wear

Slogan tees and sweatshirts are ten a penny these days, and it’s rare that you find something that you actually want to wear/discuss with that stranger at the bodega who asks ‘What’s on your shirt?’ Well, as long as they’re not asking why we’re buying two pints of Ben & Jerry’s it’s fine, we guess?

‘I Don’t Wanna Date You I Just Wanna Copy And Paste You’ from Être Cécile appeals to our online obsessive nature, and in fact the current collection has an online theme throughout.

It’s not just the slogans that are cool the font and positioning of the words are what differentiate Être Cécile from your average T-shirt with words on the front. These are just cooler. That’s all.

$155, available at

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