June 12, 2018 // Design

This Is Cool: Feather Is The Rent The Runway Of Furniture

There’s this misconception that furniture has to live at your house forever. You look at a couch and think you will sit on that couch for the rest of your life. Or a set of dining chairs. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially now Feather has entered our lives.

Essentially a subscription-based service for furniture, Feather allows you to rent everything from bed frames to coffee tables, for as long as you like, returning whenever you like.

Essentially, it takes away the enormous investment and hassle of purchasing furniture. What if you’re a person that moves to L.A. for the winter? What if you only use your outdoor space three months out of the year and don’t have space to store your patio furniture? What if you just don’t have thousands of dollars right away, to furnish a new space? Feather is perfect for all that.

Every piece is stylish, on trend and carefully chosen. They assure you it arrives in new condition, and upholstered items go through a deep cleaning process before being released to the next client. It’s cool, because you can choose each item individually, or select a package so everything you need just shows up.

What’s really cool is that it all shows up at the same time, in one delivery. It’s unpacked and set up. All you have to do is take a load off.

Check out some of our fave items below and then have a snoop at livefeather.com and see for yourself.

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