February 11, 2013 // Style

Fifi On Ice: Skating With The TargetEveryday Girl At The Rink at The Standard, High Line

Sometimes you get hungry during Fashion Week. What’s a girl to do? You’ve given away your last power bar. You can’t stomach any more coffee. You’re tired, you want healthy food but you’re sitting on a bench at the tents with hundreds of people and the show is about to start.

Target well and truly solved this dilemma with its Everyday Collection for New York Fashion Week. Instead of carrying food around, just wear it. It’s a trenchcoat with oatmeal boxes embedded in the cuffs and belt, and is paired with some oat-covered shoes so when you’re hungry just whip out a few oats, add water and in one minute you have a healthy snack. Easy, no? Okay so it’s a tongue-in-cheek endeavor, but if you ask us there’s something very solid in this concept.

The Everyday Collection utilizes other everyday items in a high style way, too. Paper towels, detergent and diapers were all used to create funny (and actually really cool) clothing and accessories. A new outfit is unveiled daily between February 8th and 14th in the windows at the Target Everyday Café on 15th Street, which is perfectly located for a break between shows at neighboring Milk Studios.

Each evening, the mannequin in the window comes to life as the TargetEveryday girl at the Standard Hotel (it’s just like that 1980s movie with Kim Cattrall, right?) and we met up with the TargetEveryday girl at the hotel ice rink, which happens to be our favorite place to skate in the city. Why? When you’re done skating, you can have The Best Burger in New York™ at the Standard Grill, that’s why. There wasn’t one fall on the ice, in case you’re wondering. In fact, we feel as though we could even have a professional skating career ahead of us. Winter Olympics 2014, anyone?

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Oh, and here’s a video in which we discuss the practicalities of wearing a coat and shoes that incorporate oatmeal in their design.


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