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For The Love Of Christ, Don’t Book A Hotel Without First Consulting A Hotel Life

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Here’s a quandary we and many of our homies find ourselves in on the regs. Finding a hotel that suits our whole vibe when we travel isn’t exactly the easiest, or wasn’t. Until A Hotel Life came along. Launched just last month by hotel expert Ben Pundole, the site’s M.O. is to gather the world’s best small hotels in one place so when we’re hitting up say… Mexico City, we know what hotel we’d like to stay at. A Hotel Life is different because it introduces you to the most interesting and independent little spots and its reviewers are influencers and like-minded, taste-making individuals whose taste level is valued and reliable. It’s not massively wordy either — the slideshows plus the hotels’ vitals are all you need to figure out that yes, you need to stay at that place.

-- Fiona Byrne

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