January 7, 2015 // Style

For The Smarter, Sassier Ones Among You: Pop. See. Cul. Sweatshirts And Tees

It’s not easy to create a sick slogan tee/sweatshirt these days. Everyone wants to, but not everyone is, shall we say, clever. However, it’s because there are so many lame ones that it’s really clear when a really, really good one shows up. Pop. See. Cul. (as seen on Cara D) not only created super lol sweatshirts, beanies and sweatshirts, it also created them in styles that are a little more interesting than your average ‘lol’ tee. Take the ‘Hahaha, NO’ one – slouchy and flattering, and the ‘Watch As I Magically, Literally Don’t Care’ crop is funny and cute. Rather like you!

From around $98 at Popseecul.com

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