August 14, 2013

Get In Our Face Right Now Please, Zoë’s Chocolate

Let us talk about the ways in which Zoë’s Chocolate is superior to anything we’ve had in a minute. Zoe and her siblings are third generation chocolatiers, so clearly they know something about something here. Their family came from Greece and started a confection business in Baltimore, MD in 1902 and in 2007, siblings Zoë, Pantelis and Petros launched Zoë’s Chocolate, updating the flavors with modern elements and trends. You know, sea salt and the like. The basic vibe is ultimate freshness. Zoë’s uses fresh local cream and butter and boy can you taste that in every piece. It’s like a mini creamy chocolately explosion the tongue. Highlights include apple pie caramel with roasted pecans covered in milk chocolate, white chocolate ganache blended with locally grown black raspberries and covered in dark chocolate and a fleur de sel liquid caramel wrapped in a dark chocolate shell. Their dad George is a master chocolatier and still heads up the biz, making sure every new flavor and idea is implemented to the highest, most delicious standard possible. In addition to their specialty chocolate assortment boxes, you can try Zoë’s European-style drinking chocolate or our personal favorite: The Sports Bar: a dark chocolate bar with crispy puffed caramelized popcorn-like rice crisps and roasted honeyed peanuts. Also cool: the simple brown paper wrapping with twine. We’re total suckers for anything artisanal!

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