January 27, 2016 // Style

Glossier Boy Brow Actually Gives You Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows

Brows are seriously up there in terms of things on your face you should be paying attention to. Even if you weren’t blessed with Cara-style thickness, there are ways to enhance your own little caterpillars—ways that don’t involve a hair transplant or tattoo make up. Glossier’s Boy Brow gel is amaze, in that it will fill in your brows somewhat, but in a very natural way and it appears to thicken the hair, too. The brush is really little so you can be super-precise with your groomage, and if you go outside the lines a quick Q-tip swipe will handle that. Even if you think your brows are just fine as they are, trust us, this will make them gorge.

$16 at Glossier

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