September 27, 2016 // Style

Glossier Is Giving Us Life With Its New Super Serums

Every time we think we are over the color pink, something happens to draw us back in, and last week it was the arrival of Glossier’s new Super Serums. Instead of choosing the standard amber bottle with black rubber-topped dropper, Glossier were true to brand and produced an entirely pink and white bottle that literally had us gasping and texting shots to friends after we opened it.

Packaging aside, the actual product is quite wonderful, too. There’s Super Glow to brighten and energize dull, tired skin; Super Bounce to ease and soften tight, rough skin; and Super Pure to calm breakout-prone skin and redness. The three come in one box so you can use as you please, to deal with whatever issue your skin decides to throw at you on any given day. The only rule: only use each one once per day, but you can use more than one a day. That’s all. Glossier, you give us life!

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