May 24, 2018 // Style

Glossier Wowder Power Is Astonishingly Effective At Making Pores Vanish

These days make-up isn’t worth a shit if it isn’t giving you the most flawless-but-incredibly-natural-looking complexion. We like to start with the Milk Blur Stick, add a sheer foundation such as Armani Luminous Silk, and now we have the most perfect finish in Glossier Wowder Powder.

We weren’t expecting anything as effective as the results, so when we first tried it and saw how it results in a stunning pore-free appearance, we immediately called a friend to rave about it. Then we made her try ours, and she was astonished, too.

Formulated of Mica, Silica (obvs), Kaolin Clay (helping it vanish into skin instead of caking on the top later), Diamond Powder for a light-reflecting effect and Vitamin E to keep it silky, the powder will take away a greasy shine, but leave a smooth sheen and you will never, ever look as though you are wearing powder.

Really amazing stuff!

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