October 24, 2012

Grounded Coffee On Jane Street Is Just About The Perfect Coffee Shop

The perfect coffee shop is hard to find, but the West Village’s Grounded Coffee Organic Coffee & Tea House is pretty darn close. Two words: Nutella Latte. Uh-huh, it’s as insane as you think. In addition to this chocolaty caffeinated wonder, there are freshly baked goods from Murray’s Bagels and This Chick Bakes plus they’re always playing the sickest music. You’ll hear Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Beirut, 1920s jazz, Johnny Cash, etc.

While we personally are perfectly happy to sit down and catch up with our feed of other people’s food pics aka Instagram, you may not be, so Grounded actually has shelves of great books to read. Can we also discuss the fact that they serve drinks in Frankenstein-shaped mugs? It’s all very Central Perk. We just got that.

28 Jane Street New York, NY 10014 tel: 212-647-0943 Groundedcoffee.com

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