April 27, 2017

Halo Top Is Legit Delicious Ice Cream That’s Only 240 Cals PER PINT

Low-calorie ice-creams: we’ve tried them all. Usually they’re like a weak sorbet and about as far away from the word ‘cream’ as it gets. Late last year, as we searched for delicious ice-cream at the bodega, the owner suggested we try Halo Top. People love it, he said. We are always selling out, he said. Sold!

We have so much to thank him for. Halo Top is LEGITIMATELY ice-cream. None of that icy, weak stuff. This is deliciously creamy and thick, and you can eat the whole pint for around the same calorie number as a protein bar.

After the Birthday Cake discovery, we moved onto other flavors. Without a doubt the best of the pack is Vanilla. What we like is that it’s low sugar and high protein so you feel full, and you don’t get that sick oh god I ate too much sugar feeling.

So what’s in it that makes it taste this good? Firstly, magic. Secondly, Stevia and Erythritol (which sounds synthetic but it’s actually all-natural). Don’t get scared by the ‘tol’ at the end, it’s not like sweeteners in many sugar-free candies that are basically laxatives.

In addition to our two favorite flavors, there’s a litany of other delicious ones – Mint Chip, Oatmeal Cookie, Lemon Cake, Sea Salt Caramel… all your faves. We suggest starting with Vanilla and making your way through each one, as it’s good to have vanilla as the barometer for just how good it can be.

$5.99 at your local bodega, Wholefoods, FoodKick.com and at IcecreamSource.com

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