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Helmut Newton Polaroids Is A Wonderful Insight Into The Work Of The Photo Legend

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Long before we were shooting pics of food/dogs/humorous graffiti with our iPhones, legendary photographer Helmut Newton was shooting Polaroid as a sort of preview for his “real” shots for the likes of French Vogue, Yves Saint Laurent and Thierry Mugler. In Polaroids’ (released last year) foreword, Newton’s wife June reveals her husband would bring home a stack of photos after each shoot, throw them down and ask, “What do you think?” Well, sometimes she thought enough to use them as place cards at dinner parties – can you imagine that souvenir? It was June’s decision to enlarge the photos to exhibit in the book, so we can see the detail better. It’s a beautiful selection of shots: the front cover, which features a model holding a Polaroid and a camera, was taken from a Wolford shoot in Monte Carlo in 1995, which was in turn an homage a US Vogue shoot in Miami two years earlier (the shot the model is holding is actually a Polaroid from the Miami shoot).

It makes us want to reenact that same shot with Instagram for lolz. Only instead of the Polaroid picture of course, we would be holding our iPhone. And we might not look great in white tights, sooooo maybe not.

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