March 21, 2012 // Design

House Tour: Christian Siriano And Brad Walsh’s Chelsea Home

Most people move to Brooklyn for more space, but in the case of designer Christian Siriano and his musician boyfriend Brad Walsh, it is quite the opposite. While their modern Brooklyn former pad was no shoebox, their Chelsea apartment where they’ve lived for almost two years is large by anyone’s standards. The 2,100-sq-feet space is vintage-inspired, with pieces from Restoration Hardware and Williams-Sonoma, as well as accents picked up from the pair’s travels across the US and around the world.

Here Brad tells us a little bit about the decorating inspiration and process.

When did you move in?
We moved in two summers ago.

How did you find this place?

We looked at lots of places that were very wrong before we found a new broker who showed us only two, and it was a close race between this and the other one.

What’s it like having so much space?

It’s nice to have a big open space with lots of light from the windows and skylights. It’s comfortable and it’s easier to forget we’re in the middle of the city. We’re two blocks from Madison Square Garden but it feels almost like a country home.

Was this the vision for the place when you started?

Our last apartment in Williamsburg was very modern and kind of minimal, and right at the end of our time there Christian started getting much more into antique and vintage finds. So the new space sort of became the canvas for that, and slowly the modern furniture was phased to the office or out of the picture entirely. We have a few mix-and-match pieces left but this home is more about comfortable beauty than showroom living.

Where are some of the key pieces from? Where do you shop?

Most of our big furniture is from places in the city like Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, West Elm… but accent pieces, tables, chairs, accessories, are mostly from our travels. We’ve shipped stuff from Los Angeles, Texas, Paris and we had a period where we did a lot of upstate and Connecticut antique shopping (I know, typical).

What/where’s your best-kept home decor secret?

We kind of shop around a lot. I actually don’t think we really frequent the same place very much, so no secrets.

Does your taste mesh?

Our tastes are very similar, though sometimes I fall in love with incredibly tacky things, or he wants something totally crazy that won’t go with anything else. So we check each other.

Do you like Chelsea?
I love Chelsea, though it had to grow on me. I get sick in cars and love to walk everywhere, and you can get to almost anything on foot living where we do. We do a lot of clothes shopping close to home, too, and our place is walkable to Christian’s studio, so it’s pretty perfect.

Where will you move next?
Oh God. We have so much stuff in this place… I don’t even want to think about moving. I think the next move will be a house outside the city, which may be far off. More of a getaway than a move, though, because we could never leave. I’d love a house a little bit upstate for the weekends. Again, typical.

Would do the same style in your next place?

Christian comes from Annapolis and has a very big soft spot inside for a beach home, so I think regardless of where any new space for us is located, he will treat it as a beach house and want to decorate accordingly. I envision a big library and dark woods, myself.

Click through the gallery below for a tour of Christian and Brad’s home

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