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House Tour: Coco Rocha’s Fabulous Flatiron Apartment

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While most people in Manhattan’s idea of an outdoor space means “a fire escape,” the Flatiron apartment Coco Rocha shares with husband James Conran has two… huge outdoor spaces that is. But the terraces aren’t the only thing that make this two-bed, two-bath worth a second look. Sleek custom cabinetry, south/east exposures and oversize windows creating a sun-filled kitchen and living room, an en-suite triple mint master bath and a home office with Murphy Bed for guests make this beautiful space move-in ready. Oh, and there’s a washer/dryer in the apartment. Since the pair are putting their home on the market any day now, we’re tempted to snap the place up before the realtor gets hold of it. And yes, they will do a private sale — email info at byrnenotice dot com with any queries.

How long have you lived here?

Coco: I moved in to this apartment in early 2008 but my favorite roommate didn’t join me until June 2010 when we got married.

Who decorated it?
Coco: James actually decorated it! Not long after we first met I came over to his place and I loved the way he had designed and put it together so I asked him if he would help me with my new apartment. I’d just moved into this two-bedroom and I really didn’t have much to decorate with, other than a few pieces of Ikea furniture, so I told him to go buy what he thought I needed and do whatever he wanted to make my place as cool as his place.

What was the vision?

James: I’d never done interior design before, my background was in murals and art but it was an interesting project. She gave me carte blanche which was a bit scary but I really tried to create a space that was like Coco, a little bit modern and a little old-fashioned. Originally the place was super-girly though, so once we got married I had to change some things up. There was a purple hallway with giant flowers that had to go.

Favorite thing about the apt?
Coco: I love the outdoor spaces. It’s so rare to have a patio in Manhattan and we have a huge 500 sq. ft. space! Last summer we even grew vegetables out there and had more tomatoes, jalapenos and carrots than we could eat!

James: I love that I got paid to do the interior design and then I married the girl and moved in. That’s a good deal.

Did you install the Murphy Bed yourselves?
Yes, that was on my list of things I wanted. I grew up with Murphy Beds and especially in NY they come in handy. It’s nice because the second bedroom can act as an office on the rare occasion we don’t have a guest staying.

Do you have many house guests?
So many, our apartment is a revolving door of visitors. It’s always bad when you live in NY but now that we both live together we have double the guests.

Why are you moving?
I think we are both just ready for a change. James didn’t pick this apartment with me, so it will be nice to choose a new home together for the first time. We’d like to get a house in Westchester County, a little out of the city and maybe rent a place in Manhattan for when I need to be here for work. It’ll be nice to have a place to escape from city life for a while.

What do you like about your neighborhood?
I like that my agency (Wilhelmina) is only one block away, I could literally run a line from my window to my agent’s window. We are really centrally located so I’m never more than 20 minutes away from anywhere I need to be.

Coco: I moved in to this apartment in early 2008 but my favorite roommate didn't join me until June 2010 when we got married.
The living room opens onto both terraces
James: The purple Barney couch was Coco's pick, I do not take responsibility for that.
The apartment has south and east aspects with huge windows for maximum sunlight
A vintage clock on the windowsill
Coco: James bought most of the tea pots in my collection but the bottom center one I got in Morocco on a shoot. It was the craziest trip out into the desert and in the end we just took one picture on a bunch of pillows!? I swear it could have been done in any studio, anywhere.
Please notice my Elle Style award for Model Of The Year 2011! That's my Oscar. Oh and that candle holder once belonged to Andy Warhol, true story.
Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen
Coco: This photo of me is the only professional photograph I have in my home. I promise I'm not one of those models with every magazine cover she's ever done along her hallway. This pictures was a wedding present from Steven Meisel himself! He signed the back but I wish he had signed my forehead or something!
James: A king size bed is a must for us. We are both pretty violent sleepers and so if we didn't have our space we'd both wake up with black eyes.
Comfy chair in the bedroom
Coco: This white lacquer built-in in our bedroom was the latest addition to our apartment. James built it while I was out of town and surprised me when I got home. Storage is always appreciated in NY and this thing holds SO MUCH.
The chandelier is vintage
Accessories in the master bedroom
Coco and James married in 2010
Coco: Yep that's my baby picture. Above it are some Victorian gloves James' mom gave us. Along with a antique metronome, card catalog and a 50lb candelabra - you know the usual stuff you keep in your second bedroom.
James created a space like Coco, "a little bit modern and a little old fashioned".
Coco: My closet and makeup counter were the first things I had installed into my apartment. It's all about priorities!
When James moved in, his first thing to change was the entryway, which was purple
One of the terraces is almost 500 square feet
James: Our outdoor space looks much better in the summer, we swear. Right now everything is under winter wraps.
Cafe table on the smaller terrace
Coco: Nancy Sinatra is in my bathroom.
The second bedroom has a murphy bed and doubles as an office
Vintage pieces add a sense of history to newer apartments
The apartment showcases the pair's objects from all over the world
Coco: This is the cutest thing!! James superman doll he had when he was like 4 holding my "Baby Bear" which I carried for like the first nine years of my life. I'm sure they are both teeming with germs!
-- Fiona Byrne

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