September 26, 2013 // Style

How Convenient! Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush Collection Makes The Purpose Of Each Brush Very Clear

It’s not just us that has trouble figuring out the purpose of various makeup brushes, right? Something for lips may look like it’s for eyes and vice versa. It’s all very confusing to the average Josephine. Make Up For Ever’s new collection of brushes takes away ANY confusion. The 100s are for complexion, 200s for eyes, 300s for lips and the 400s are artistic brushes, designed for seasoned professionals. It’s like painting by numbers, only it’s the brushes that are numbered. It’s not just this that attracts us, though. As with its excellent product formulas, Make Up For Ever was not playing when it came to design technology. The brushes took five years to develop, with Creator & Artistic Director Danny Sanz testing a ton of synthetic fibers to create brushes that are as close to natural hair as you can get. Probably.

Prices start at $12. Available at and Make Up For Ever boutiques

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