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How To Care For Platinum Bleached Hair (From Someone Who Knows)

We’ve had quite a few people ask recently how to care for their newly-platinum hair, and since we’ve made every hair mistake possible, we feel highly qualified to dish out the advice. There’s a few do’s and don’ts that will save your ‘do if you do decide to go down the double process route. In no particular order, here’s what we recommend:

1. Go to a reputable colorist
It may sound obvious but not all colorists are actually capable of achieving that very specific platinum tone you’ve always dreamed of. Ask your platinum friends, ask celebs on Twitter, ask Jeeves… whatever. Just make sure you’re going to a colorist who’s worked on hair you admire. We go to Mai at Bumble & Bumble Downtown, and she is amazingly talented. Real talk, you’re safe in her hands.

2. Do NOT have your roots did too frequently
This is where we tumbled onto a slippery slope. We went every seven weeks. Then every six. And before we knew what was happening, we were in that elevator at Bumble & Bumble every five weeks. Our hair paid the price, so we are now back to every seven weeks. Luckily, just that one simple change has been a fantastic help, and our hair is experiencing significantly less breakage.

3. Take Viviscal – a supplement that makes your hair grow thicker and faster
The pill, which you take twice daily, is made up of fish proteins that encourage your body to create more keratin, which actually also has a positive effect on your skin and nails. This is our number one tip for platinum hair.

4. Use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment
As in, a jar of the stuff from the food aisle. Make sure it’s unrefined, extra-virgin. As we recently wrote, the oil is hydrophobic, which means it repels water, and when used pre-shampoo, helps prevent water from penetrating the hair. Water causes the hair shaft to rise, which weakens the hair.

Things to avoid:
– Excessive heat, especially straighteners. Blow-dryers aren’t the worst, as long as you keep it moving and don’t concentrate heat on one area for too long.
– Protein-based conditioning products. They yellow the color. This is a little-known factoid.
– Sunshine. Also yellows the color, as we discovered after a summer at the beach.

Aside from all this, platinum hair is just a DREAM, you guys. A dream. Just prepare to devote a ton of time and attention to it.

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