February 15, 2012

How To Get Into Le Bain (And How Not To ) By Award Winning Doorman™ Ian Bradley

So you’re trying to go out in New York. Let’s head to Red Egg/Electric Room/Le Baron/Le Bain/anywhere French-sounding. You show up, walk inside and have a drink and a dance. Right? Unfortch it’s not that simple. They’re known as the toughest doors in the city, and we want to know just what it is that makes a door so difficult, and also, what not to do when the door guy says no bueno. Our debut doorman to divulge is Ian Bradley, Paper Nightlife Award-winning doorman, stylist and Guy Most Likely To Turn You Away from the door at Le Bain. Don’t take it personal, but also, for the love of Jesus, don’t wear Ed Hardy.

Who never gets into Le Bain, like, ever?
Anyone wearing Ed Hardy, it’s always a no.

So how would a person be likely to make it past you?

Wear Prada and a smile.

When you look at someone, how long does it take you to work out if you’re going to let them in or not?
I do a “Manhattan once-over” which takes less than two seconds. If I like something they’re wearing, then I usually want to let them in.

Have you ever thought “nope” at first glance then changed your mind after the person seems kind of decent?
Yeah, totally. It’s always nice when people aren’t a-holes, good manners can go a long way.

Does crying ever work?

Not really, if you’re crying because you can’t come into a party, I just assume you’re wasted or mentally unstable. It’s not that serious.

What do you consider “desperate”?

Coming back multiple times in a night, after being turned away already. Also, there’s nothing worse than name-dropping.

Do you like this job?

Yeah, it can be a lot of fun. It’s like casting a party.

How do you say no to people?

I try to do it as politely as possible… When I do turn people away I almost always end the interaction, “Enjoy the rest of your night,” because I really do want everyone to have a good night.

So who do you want at your parties?

People who want to have a good time… and have cute shoes.

Tell us about that awkward moment you refused someone entry and ended up working with them the next day…
Well, this has happened a couple of times, but the last time it was a photo assistant working on the same shoot I was styling. I was freaking about it the whole morning, but he didn’t bring it up. It wasn’t until the end of the shoot he asked me, “So, how long have you worked at Le Bain?” After a couple seconds of awkward silence, I just said, “Sorry about that.”

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